What We Do

Pulse Productions is all things theatre. We have collective experience of over 30 years and in every aspect imaginable: writing, directing, acting, dance, stage-management, backstage&technical, marketing, reviewing - you name it, and one of our team is an expert in it!

Simply click on the 'Book A Review' tab to get one of our expert reviewers to come to your show and to have it published on this site and across our social media platforms.

What will the future bring?

- Our own theatre productions; both original and well-known.

- Technical help: lighting designs and/or operators, sound plots and/or engineers, stage-management, special effects make-up, set designing and/or building...and so much more!

- Hiring of original scripts.

- Help with script writing/editing.

- Marketing.

- Choreography.

- Vocal coaching.